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I’m sorry this is kinda late, I’m now over 6 months pregnant and my friends all know but I have yet to officially announce it on this blog!

Social media trends officially lead our lifestyles and 6 weeks ago I posted on Twitter that I was pregnant. It’s strange. Super strange. Firstly it’s hard to talk about because it’s quite a private thing but also because it dramatically effects people’s perception of me.

Immediately people assumed I’d stop working, they also envisaged I’d never work again like pregnancy was some form of early retirement!

Many believed all conversation would now become pure baby babble and I’d be fronting some new breast pump campaign.

They were wrong.

I’ve been working throughout and I’m physically able. I’m active and well and I’m still an Entertainment & Sports presenter. I’m also a complete novice at this mum thing. I’m far more at home interviewing athletes than discussing the advantages of a birthing pool. Personally I’d much rather work than have tea at an antenatal class!

So don’t worry my blogs here will remain the same, I’m still filming and I’m not going anywhere.