Jun 02:15 Paul - Menu Tasting (1)

Paul Weedon

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In a little over 5 months I get married. I can’t believe how quickly it is actually coming around.

Most married couples that I know have told me about the high levels of stress and that the plans will consume my whole life during the build up.

Now I don’t deny there is a lot to do; when you have booked a warehouse for the reception that doesn’t even have tables, chairs, or ovens, and you know there will be nearly 200 people attending, there are ultimately rather a lot of logistical obstacles to overcome. But I’m not finding it stressful. In fact it is full of joyous moments where I am struck by the reality that all of my closest family and friends will be in one place, for one day, most probably for the only time collectively in all of our lives.

This week’s moment came in the form of the menu tasting. This is where you sample every single canape, starter, main and desert that will be served on the day itself. A tasting session that is followed by the tasting of the evening buffet as a kind of man versus food style extreme digestif.

Full? Exceptionally. There were enough leftovers for lunch the next day and a selection of mini deserts for the office the next morning.

You know, there is something magical about knowing that the next time I eat this same meal I will be married and will be surrounded by the people that mean the most to me. People that are in some cases travelling tens of thousands of miles with their whole families to be there.

Wedding planning isn’t stressful. It’s one of the most extraordinary things any couple can do. Embrace it, enjoy it, and don’t let it take over your life unnecessarily; it’s only going to happen once.