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I’m sorry, I’m so very very sorry.

I’ve not blogged for months, in fact I’ve not done much of anything like this for months.

Before I decided on taking my career south, geographically speaking, I was knocking out Vlogs left, right and centre. (If you’re a fan of the show ‘Taking New York’, you should almost definitely check out my Taking New York Vlog, an earnest attempt at explaining the goings on of a structured reality series, more specifically for those of us that don’t usually watch that kind of thing. If you’re not a fan, you should watch it anyway, just to be nice).

It was towards the end of this series, and just a couple of vlogisodes (probably not a word) from the end, when I attempted to relocate from sunny Lancashire (thats the north of England, for those of you who consider London as England and Scotland as everything else) to our nation’s capital.

If I was to offer any advice for people thinking about this move… I’d say maybe think about it REAL hard first, and always have some friends around to help you out. It took me two months, that’s EIGHT WEEKS, to find a suitable place to live, and it’s been some of the most stressful, ball-aching weeks of my adult life.

In this time I’ve stayed with four different groups of friends and in two BnBs (a special thanks to Paul, who put me up in his lovely flat for over a week, during a particularly Danny-Dyer-period). It’s been a royal nightmare.

That said, I’m housed now, I found a cracking place with a good group of people, and as long as I can keep up with the frankly disgusting London rent prices, all is good in the hood.

Right, WHAT HAVE I been up to?

The more exciting, slightly less downbeat news is that I have well and truly been getting about this last couple of months (with work, if not socially, geographically or sexually).

I’ve started working freelance with ITN; that big, massive news organisation that make all of those big, shiny programmes for ITV, Channel4, Channel5 and a million other places.

Doing what? I hear you ask. Well some very exciting things indeed… Since I got here, I made my début on ITV2, producing and hosting the entertainment news bulletin, FYI Daily. I got to cover the world première of Game of Thrones Season 5 (where I found out I was taller than Jon Snow, which was a delight), I interviewed super mega star Tom Hardy at the première of Child44, Tom Egerton, star of spy-flick, Kingsman, and last week I met a childhood hero of mine, the people’s champion, Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson. I asked him about spandex and he thought I was coming on to him….

I know, MENTAL.

If you’d have told me back in my uni days that I would be doing this some day I would have said, “sure, of course I will, I see no reason why not”. However if you’d have told me after several years of long, hard, jading work, that it would be on the horizon, I would have told you to do one, quite frankly, right to your face.

What else happened? I hosted some more videos for O2, heading up to Trafalgar Square for International Pillow Fight Day… that was a bizarre and wonderful experience for all involved. A few more shows for Capital FM, which get less terrifying each time, and my beloved and often mind numbingly frustrating Preston North End made it to the playoff final at Wembley and actually went and won.

Over all, 2015 is kicking 2014′s arse all over the shop.

Actually, whilst I’m here, I’d like to pay tribute to my precious beard, which was just about my favourite thing of the last two years. Part of working down here has meant shaving off the one thing that differentiated my 26 year old self from my 19 year old self. Besides the horrors of moving, this was the biggest casualty of 2015, and will one day rise again, like a phoenix, from my baby-smooth face.

RIP beard: 2013-2015 (the cow is still alive) x