May 12:15 Ian - Hotel Room Swank (1)

… I wish I could say the same about my current appearance!

So, I’ve been cast away to the eastern side of the world once again. Whilst I’ve been here, I’ve worked mostly 12-14 hour days, had Delhi Belly a total of three times and to top it all off, nearly died twice (What? Who? How? I hear you ask – don’t worry, I’m still alive so let’s not dwell on the past eh?). In short, it’s been a long old slog and I’m due to touch down on home soil at the end of this month. Hurrah!

When I touch down, a number of things will happen.

1. I will shave

2. I will sort out my tax return

3. I will eat macaroni cheese (or something bland and UK / American equivalent)

4. I will drink alcohol

Whilst I’ve been out here, I’ve morphed into what appears to be a hobo, nothing wrong with that, it’s all part of the travelling lifestyle. However, I must admit, I’m done with storing food in my beard for next year’s hibernation, I’d rather starve. Also, it will be two months not drinking alcohol when I return, this was a personal challenge I set myself in order to experiment with my fluctuating 6-12 pack. The results are phenomenal, I actually have a fourteen pack right now, so whilst I may appear to look like I’ve been dragged through a bush of brambles, underneath the hairy homeless-chic veneer is what can only be described as Spartan the IIIV.

Let’s get to the reason behind this blog eh?

Though my rant above may paint a rather negative picture of my latest trip out in India, please do check out the video below and admire the hotel swank I’ve been resting my weary eyes within (WARNING: I’d just touched down in Raipur after a two hour flight at 6am, my beard was beginning to dreadlock itself and I’d decided a chocolate brownie and hot chocolate was a good idea for breakfast that morning – post carb slump? – excuse the bags under my eyes).