Apr 27:15 Paul - Getting My Painy On (1)

Paul Weedon

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The last 4 weeks have been as busy as I can remember. That’s not a complaint, far from it; it has just been a month of exceptionally high activity, both in and out of work.

Now sometimes when I’m really busy I find that I end up burning the candle a little too much at both ends, so this time when I had the odd moment of free time I decided to stay at home a little more.

For those of you that know me well that certainly doesn’t involve hours in front of the TV; a 2 hour block is all I can manage before I’m itching to be active again.

No, my spare hours at home were spent being creative as I decided to re-decorate of sorts by buying some canvases and getting my paint on.

What they say about my current state of mind is anybody’s guess, but I’m pretty pleased with how my moments of inspiration turned out…