Mar 03:15 Ian - Never Mind Mary Berry Bakes (1)

… What about, Ian Roe Bakes?

I am, of course, talking about my long lived hobby of baking. Yes. I’m a man, with a beard, who looks like a man, a hairy man, who bakes (like a bearded hairy baking man).

Now, most of you know this curve ball fact about me already, and those of you who do will have seen the world famous Ian Roe Raspberry Pavlova I baked in the earlier months of 2014. Recently though, I’ve been on a baking conquest.

The other week, I baked Mississippi Mud Pie – I also learned how to correctly spell ‘Mississippi’, an important double lettered laden beauty of word which I feel we should all know how to spell. Whilst baking this stodgy slab of chocolatey thud, I couldn’t help but giggle at the recipe description “no one quite knows the origin of this mystery sweet delight”… Erm, I’m going to take a wild stab at Mississippi? No? Here’s a Mississipicci for you:

I somehow managed to top this off ever so moistly with a pile of blueberry and white chocolate muffins the week after. I couldn’t help but share the glory of my miraculous baking skills so of course, I cycled all the way to Holborn to drop a batch off to R24. Here’s Paul, looking seriously chuffed about his bespoke muffin delivery (steady on son):

And last but most certainly not least, my final (and favourite) bake this week was the world famous ‘Wimbledon Cake’. Made with semolina instead of flour, it may sound a little bit like an unappetising mound of sweet sticky rice, scooped up from the turf of a tennis court but it’s basically a tasty summer equivalent of a Victoria Sponge. And tasty it was.

The idea behind baking this cake was for two reasons:

1. Winter sucks, so why not start summer early?

2. I’ve been salivating over the Mary Berry App icon for months now. The cake she’s holding looks unbelievably delightful and her face is so happy, I just had to recreate the moment. So, without further adieu, here’s me role-playing as Mary Berry, with the same cake she’s holding, which I devoured immediately after: