Feb 23:15 Miles - Hitting the Gym

Miles Pathirana

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So, as I did in 2014, I decided to get back into shape, have a dry January/February and go to the gym 4 times a week (the gym routine only kicked in 2 weeks ago…) So far, aside from the odd friend telling me that I NEED to drink on the weekend/I’m so boring, it’s been pretty successful; I’ve even been going to the gym early on a Friday night!

Whole Foods has definitely seen more of an investment from me than normal. High protein, non-gluten crisps are one of my office snacks (look horrific but taste like Doritos), as well as trying to stick to 6 meals a day and trying not to cave in to the office standard of 8 million cups of tea.

I’ve also gone gym shopping, if that’s even a thing. However the prices have certainly gone up since I last went, as gym trousers alone were £100 (the ones I liked anyway). As an indecisive shopper I have yet to buy any new kit, although I’ve “browsed” about 3 times. My friends tell me it’s not a fashion show, but they clearly don’t go to my gym…

All in all, going really well. Ask me in 6 months and we’ll see…