Feb 18:15 Paul - Brussels (1)

Paul Weedon

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I visited Brussels at the weekend. A mere 2 hours and 5 minutes on the Eurostar straight through from Kings Cross. I’d certainly recommend it for a quick jaunt away.

It’s a beautiful city, really chilled out too, with a great cultural mix of art and music with some wonderful architecture, a fine selection of Belgian beers, and some of the most exquisite and delicious chocolate shops in the world.

But one thing entertained me more than anything else, and that’s the famous Manneken Pis.

If you don’t know about the the little fella let me enlighten you with some quick facts.

He is by far the most popular tourist attraction in all of Belgium.

He is 60 centimetres tall.

He is 500 years old.

He is made of bronze.

He is a sculpture of a baby’s head with a small man’s body having a piss. Yes, you read that correctly, he is a sculpture of a baby’s head with a small man’s body having a piss.

And for reasons that not even the locals seem to know, they dress him in different outfits daily. Indeed, there is a museum which houses his fine selection of 900+ outfits and there is a constant swarm of people trying to get a glimpse and grab a photograph with the little man.

They say the British are an eccentric bunch, but I can’t think of anything world wide that can beat this?

I went to said museum and perused his extensive wardrobe collection. Some of his outfits are 100 years old don’t you know? And I have a new one for the bucket list too. I want, no I need, to see the little man again when he is dressed up as Elvis.

I liked Brussels, I really did, but I loved the madness of Manneken Pis even more.