Jan 26:15 Elena - Music Overload (2)

Elena Croft

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I don’t know if this is an affliction suffered by others, but recently I have been annoying my flatmates/friends/family by replaying the same three songs over and over again. I’m not referring to the classic “oh my gawd, that’s my jam, play it again DJ” JLo-type behavior that we all exhibit in the club from time to time. I’m talking about repetitive  strain levels of hitting the replay button.

As an example, from the hours of about 7pm -10.30pm I listened to the below song at least 30 times. I have no doubt that the artist now has a few hundred more views since I arrived on the scene (you’re welcome singer-lady & kissing hipsters).

You may at this point be wondering why on earth I would write about this and willingly offer up my strange behaviour to public ridicule, but I have two main motivations…

1. I want to know if this can be classed as ‘socially acceptable’? Surely outside of the occasional Adele-fuelled ‘bedroom lock-in’ after a breakup, there are people out there who enjoy as much musical repetition as I do?

2. I wanted to share these bloomin’ wonderful tunes, in the hope that they bring as much audio joy to your lives as they do mine: