Dec 04:14 Ian - Man Bun on Tour (2)

I’ve been getting seriously creative with the old hair recently. It’s getting loooooooooooooooooooooooo[add more o’s to reflect length]oooooooooong.

My most recent creative hair venture has led me to experiment with the highly acclaimed ‘Man Bun’ (or ‘Mun’, if you’re feeling uber lazy). The ‘Mun’ is a critically acclaimed hair style that leads to notorious long hair status across the globe. They are also really handy for tying one’s hair back when they’re travelling out in the streets of India (that’s me). Super stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt and of course the ‘King of all Man Buns’ Jared Leto, all have bun-based skills with their hair styling. Now, we have to take into consideration that these A-listers with a bun on their barnet, probably have their own hair stylist do it for them. I on the other hand, do it all by myself. So, with no expensive stylist luxuries to hand, here are some ‘Man Buns’ I made earlier…


My current Man Bun style choice out here in India. Its tight and concise arrangement allows for no windy excess hair spells and works well to keep hair out of the face in hot and sweaty weather conditions. Just look at that caramel blend as well, phwore!


Wet hair can be a pain in the back side. Which is why I’ve designed this quick and easy tie up method to get that wet hair out the way, whilst also looking super dooper curly and fabulous. A video tutorial on this in the coming months might be a necessity.


Looks dashing doesn’t it? It’s actually quite a messy bun, but the illusional contrast of the smart attire adjacent to a scruffy loose top knot, has really done this outfit justice, don’t you think?


So much hair is happening here. It’s like a hair fest. The simplest of ‘Muns’, this one requires no time at all. Just tie it up and go. Walk around looking hairy. Stroke beard, scratch head. Be a man. The end.