Nov 24:14 Ian - Pros and Cons of India (1)

I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’m ‘lucky’ recently. This whole, working and travelling at the same time thang. It’s not luck, it’s hard work, but I know what they mean. They mean, they yearn to be doing something similar or wish they were getting away from the cold and wet, windy rain.

I’m in India at the minute, my second leg of the my round the world work trip, and I thought you’d be interested to hear my top 5 pros and cons of living and working in the mecca of Indian street food, that is Bombay:


1. It’s cheap. I had my shoes fixed by a small Indian man sitting on the street for 30p the other day; the same job in England would cost over £20. My ride to work costs just 60p for a 5km taxi ride, and in 1 week of my stay, I’ve only spent £40 on food.

2. There’s never a chilly day out here. Notice I said ‘chilly’, not ‘chilli’… There’s lots of chillis out here *fans mouth*

3. The food is nice. Nice rhymes with spice. Spice is something I find nice.

4. You see things. You see things you may never see again, things you will remember forever, and things that will change your opinion on a lot of other things in life (for the better). It’s one big massive culture shock, and I love it.

5. There’s cute dogs around here. Loads of them. Dogs on the streets, stray dogs, owned dogs. They’re all beige in colour and look the same. There’s also cows and buffaloes. They roam the street as well. The cows are always chewing (as cows do) but I don’t know what. It’s certainly not grass.




1. The money may be small in terms of prices but it’s feckin’ large in terms of size. Giant chunky rectangles of paper. It’s frustrating because it doesn’t fit in my wallet and I like my wallet organised. Not only that but £1 is equal to £100 rupees and I am swimming in notes on a daily basis. This is simply terrible.

2. There’s never a chilly day out here. Déjà vu? Allow me to continue… Whilst we all seem to be obsessed with the sun over in the UK, when you’re drowned in humid 30-40°C temperatures all day (and night), that’s when you start to crave a beautiful cold and wet down pour of rain. Be grateful for what you have – I wake up dehydrated every night.

3. The food and it’s spice. Spice might not always be that nice, but if you don’t like spice, how about some rice? Yeah. Stick to rice.

4. Some of the things you see, you wish you never saw. I’ve not witnessed this yet, but a colleague told me he was travelling the metro the other day and a man fell off the train (they are worst than the London Underground at rush hour) and died. Deal breaker really… Take the 60p taxi.

5. Cute Dogs. Cute cattle. Cute cats. Cute geckos even, they come at a rather uncute price… The price of unhygienicness (and possibly rabies). And whilst we’re on the subject of hygiene, that’s another big problem out here which can lead to the one and only dreaded ‘Delhi Belly’. Wash your hands. Avoid tap water. Stay away from a street food called ‘Pani Puri’. Avoid the cute dogs.


So, I’ll allow you to make your decision. Am I ‘lucky’? Or am I just plucky?