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A few weeks ago I shot up to Newbury to go the races. It was my first proper time at the track and I went suited and booted with some mates. I have previously been to Cheltenham races for about 2 hours where I made 2 bets and won overall an astounding £30, so clearly I hit it big…

To say this time around, I was less successful is an understatement. I think overall I won £5, but lost a significant amount more. My friends on the whole did a lot better than me. My strategy to bet for the favourite to win changed into betting for a horse to finish in the top 3, which means your odds are significantly lower, and even then I didn’t win.

However, it’s not exactly like I bet my life savings so it was an amount I can live with and I had a great time. I think it definitely showed that the gambling world is not something I aim to be a part of anytime soon..