Nov 11:14 Ian - Did Someone Say India? (Again) (1)

Would you blooming believe it. I’ve left the British Isles again.

If it’s not Ibiza, it’s India, if it’s not India… It’s Dubai… Or Australia… Or SOUTH AFRICA even. Yeah, I know “well jel” I hear you cry.

It’s not all fun and games though, I’m working out here and if I get a second to sight-see, I’ll eat my hat, but it’s kind of cool just skipping the whole of the cold Winter, right? I’ll be out here, mainly in India for a good few months (with the prospect of visiting those other lavish places as mentioned above) so if anyone needs me, you’ll just have to come out here and find me, HAH. What am I doing out here? Just the usual.

Actually, it’s not the usual. I’m Directing an 8 episode build-up series for the next India Premier League Cricket Tournament. “Sounds boring Ian,” I hear you scoff. Sure, if you call filming behind the scenes shenanigans from scandalous legendary Cricket players such as Kevin Pietersen (and getting to know the real him – he’s ACE by the way)… Or shooting at an Esquire photo shoot, where the hot Style Editor actually complimented my £5 charity shop shoes, AND awarded them with the “Esquire style seal of approval” – her words, not mine. Let’s take a look at them shoes actually…

Are you calling me a bragger? Hey, listen, I’ve only been here two days and all THAT (the above) has happened. I guess I’ve got a few good months ahead of me. And whilst I’m bragging, the temperature is in the 30s by the way. I’m not going to be too specific, as I’ve obviously bragged too much *Smug Grin*. Here’s a picture of me in my air conditioned hotel room to amplify my smugness: