Oct 08:14 Ian - Weeks Gone By (4)

Sometimes, you have an amazing few weeks, and you just feel the need to brag about it…

So, the past two weeks have been insanely awesome. I finished my digital slot on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, then hopped straight on a plane to Ibiza. Yeah, you heard me Eivissa. The mathematics are simple:

1 x Ian hipster Roe + 1 x Spanish island = Double whammy of amazingness with dance music, me showing off my guns to the general public, resulting in all-time summer epicness.

Guns! Pfffft. Did I just say that? *Flexes bicep and kisses it*

Seriously though, it was one of the best experiences of my life and if you ever feel like partying hard for 7 days straight, then Ibiza is the place for YOU. I did hire out a moped, and hit some of the more attractive landscapes of the island, alas I forgot my iPhone and so the only pictures I have of myself, I look like a sweaty, danced-out hippie. Take a look:


After Ibiza, I needed to seriously recharge the old batteries, which is why I took a trip up to Cymru (That’s Wales to you geo-linguistically uneducated lot) to eat, sleep… Er… EAT and… SLEEP actually. Wales is beautiful, and for those of you who don’t already know, it’s where I come from. The first thing I do when I step off the train upon arrival, is take one massive big sniff of the fresh air. I leave it in my lungs until I’m near blue, then let it all out. It’s like a massive lung cleanse. Go to Wales, try it for yourself. Here’s some piccies:


What’s next though? Well, I’ve got a brand new showreel so who knows what’s waiting for me in the wings. Don’t miss the showreel though, it’s the BEST one yet!