Sep 23:14 Paul - The New Season Begins

Paul Weedon

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Here we are then. 5 games into the new Premier League season and round 1 of the Champions League already out of the way. The annual cycle begins again with hardly a break since The World Cup.

At the beginning of each season I think that I’ll watch a bit less on TV. Not so many games this year. Maybe just one a week. Save myself for the games that really matter at the end of the season. It’s all about who has the most money anyway, right?

Well no, it’s so much more than that. Who saw the truly unbelievable manner in which the Ludogorets centre back saved two penalties in the Champions League qualifier shoot out? I was cheering them on against Liverpool at Anfield last week. I can’t wait to see the Bulgarian champions take on the mighty Real Madrid.

Who would have had Southampton and Aston Villa in the Champions League positions after a month?

How many Chelsea fans were stunned when Frank got that goal for City at the weekend?

And who knew that Sky Sports News were going to get a full fancy studio overhaul that makes their older presenters visibly uncomfortable at having to walk around after 15 years behind a desk?

No, I am addicted because of the unpredictability of it all. Not just on the pitch but the whole soap opera around it too. Just when I think I have had my fix I sit down to maybe watch the first half of a game to find that I am still there two games later.

Which leads me on quite beautifully to yesterday’s match between Leicester and Manchester United. 5-3 to Leicester. FIVE THREE. After they were 1-3 down as well. It truly was one of the greatest ever Premier League performances from a newly promoted team and boy did I love the second half. After all those years of hoping Manchester United would lose the big games it has now reached a point where they are even losing the easy ones.

I love it. I love football. And there are only 3 games this week that I need to watch. You know, just three.