Aug 19:14 Ian - What Happens When

… You decide to not eat for 24 hours?

Oh, sure, well I can tell you.

At present, I haven’t eaten for 12 of those 24 hours, so I’m half way there. I’m fasting. No, this isn’t for Ramadan or some ethical food activist reason, it’s because it’s what I do every fortnight. I fast. For 24 hours.

So, you wanted to know what happens when you decide to not eat for 24 hours?

A number of things happen. Some pros, some cons, but I can assure you the pros outweigh the cons. Firstly, let’s talk about the cons. Hunger is the only issue here, as it comes in horrific waves. The first is the worst. It comes around 3-4 hours after your last meal and it’s basically your body telling itself “Heyyyyy Ian, erm, you’re gunna to eat soon right?”. I tell it “No”, then he rolls his eyes and slumps back into squelchy hungry stomach mode. Since I’ve been doing this fortnightly fast for over 2 months now, I’m kind of getting used to the hunger waves, and there are ways of curbing your hunger. Drinking copious amounts of water or regular intakes of green tea (this then leads to to a pro, because they’re both very good for you) can help wildly.

The pros are incredible. Fasting leads to a metabolic boost so you’re more likely to lose unnecessary weight, and whilst we are talking about weight loss, fasting causes your body to go into shock fat burning mode as it takes your fat stores for energy. Win win. Let’s not forget, 24 hours of zero food into the body also acts as a fantastic detox for the stomach giving it chance to just reset itself, especially if you’re feeling bloated from any allergy based foods. And of course, that green tea we mentioned earlier… Riddled with antioxidants which of course help towards that all important super dooper immune system. Finally there’s the larger, more important long term benefit of living a longer, healthier life – all this just by having the occasional fast when it takes your fancy.

Fasting is a fun thing for me. I don’t complain and I enjoy the challenge but I can still hear ye crying those all too familiar words “mate, life’s to short to be worrying about what we eat”.

To which I answer “You’re right, life really is too short. But fast every now and then and you’ll live longer”.