Aug 12:14 Frankie - Technology Rules my Life

Frankie Vu

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After two years of loyal service, my old phone finally decided to kick the bucket this week. The gradual process of degeneration actually began a few months ago, when the apps started to lag and my once Usain Bolt-like device began to operate more like a wounded snail.

I have to admit, while the last few days have been slow, painful and a horrific struggle, I’ve also had the chance to think about how I ever managed to survive without a smartphone. That said, I’m a typical example of what tech marketers would refer to as an ‘early adopter’ – a consumer who likes to own the latest gadgets while they’re still relatively new to the market, or better still, as soon as they’re released. Like most of my early adopter brethren, I heavily research my options in the buildup to their launch, trying to discern which of the eagerly anticipated and heavily debated features will come to fruition.

Anyhow, that’s enough about my love life. I realised that I’ve been using smartphones for around seven years, and for at least the four, much of my daily existence has been heavily reliant on my handheld life support device. The need for my smartphone has been only narrowly outweighed by the need for food, water and oxygen. The stress I encountered from my phone malfunctioning was absolutely unbearable, and a clear sign of how much I depend on technology!

The arrival of my replacement smartphone marks the start of a glorious new era. Perhaps technology IS too important to me… But I wouldn’t have it any other way. God bless gadgets!