Ian BB Blog

Well yes, it’s happening as always. Big Brother dominates our telly screens from June to September, whilst we have no choice but to be reminded of its out welcomed existence, every time we hit the TV Guide button and see it sitting there “Channel 5: 10pm – Big Brother”. Has it out welcomed its existence though or do we secretly love it because it gives us an excuse to rant about something that won’t get us into trouble or lead us to a jail sentence? I suppose we may never know.

One thing is for certain, for some of us, the existence of Big Brother plays an important part in our lives, specifically our bank accounts for us lot who work on the show. Yep. So this is my second year working for Big Brother on their Digital team, however it’s my fourth series and counting…

It’s been trés enjoyable so far. Big Brother has thrown everything he can at the poor little housemates. We’ve had gunge, we’ve had starvation, we’ve had death (fake deaths, but deaths all the same) and we’ve just chucked a load of new housemates in there to stir everything up. If my description just now hasn’t convinced you to get back into watching Big Brother, then sheeesh, well… You’re best going back to your shitty ‘Orange Is The New Black’ and forgetting I said anything.

As always, I will be appearing at the end of Big Brother’s Bit On The Side with all the digital shenanigans the BB fans are after. I recently got comfy with Charlotte from Geordie Shore on the couch (no, she didn’t piss herself), had a jolly good time with John McCririck and what was really weird was sharing the couch with a member of Atomic Kitten, who doesn’t realise than when I was younger, I was probably swaying along to their records on the radio (I say probably, I truly can’t remember if I was EVER an Atomic Kitten fan).

So that’s all for now. Oh and I shaved the beard off recently, well, I say ‘shaved it off’, more trimmed it down to something less hobo-ish. I look about 10 years younger so if anyone is looking for an 18-year-old looking hipster bloke for their productions, I can be your man.