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It’s times like this, you remember why you haven’t ever successfully managed to keep a blog before. Two full months have passed and my blogging space has laid silent like a baron wasteland, as dark and forgotten as Hasselhoff’s once fetching man-pouch (please refer to previous blog). 

So it’s been an interesting few weeks…

I found myself the face of a set of Type 1 Diabetes awareness videos, a glamorous privilege by anyone’s standards really. 

If you find yourself in the Norwich area (and with Type 1 diabetes) I hope you find my ramblings on insulin levels and carb counting useful, if not life-saving.

My heart was once again broken by football when my dear, lowly, disappointing Preston North End failed to emerge victorious from their 9th playoff campaign. Being conditioned on failure, it didn’t come as a complete shock to find ourselves languishing in League One for another year, at the hands of a merciless Rotherham side. But to lend some context for those who don’t follow football, it feels a little like this man wiped his bum on my exam paper and now I have to re-sit year 7.


I had the pleasure of visiting London town once again, where I was invited down to Google and NSNBC for a screening of the new Seth Rogan flick, ‘Bad Neighbours’.

 Firstly, if you’re ever fortunate enough to grab an invite to one of Google’s promotional evenings, take it. The whole place had been set up to resemble a frat party, and they’d invited as many of YouTube’s finest Vloggers, jokers and sketch artists as they could.

Whilst I spent a good portion of the evening drinking like a fish and chatting to some NBC reps about modern marketing techniques, I had to take my hat off to the film itself for not being half as bad as I expected. I even managed to like (maybe like is a strong word… not hate?) Zac Efron’s character, despite the exploitatively liberal airtime given to his glistening abs (or ‘abtime’) putting a dampener on my experience, providing a body blow to my self-confidence at every turn.

This was a picture I took at some point on that evening, I think it nicely illustrates both how young everyone there was and how creepy my friend Jamie’s face can be. It was a bit like going on a school trip, designed for kids with ADD and alcohol dependency, I felt right at home.

There’s LOTS of other things to talk about, from my upcoming podcast, which I can confirm will not be called ‘Manstrosity’ nor ‘Judd Nelson Fists’, the recent haircut I decided to give myself with a beard trimmer (which went remarkably well.. considering), filming on a steam liner, re-discovering Timothy Dalton, finally finishing Breaking Bad, my general mistrust of online dating and a host of other exciting projects and possibilities on the horizon. But we all have homes to go to, and I have some work to do, so bear with me.

I promise not to wait as long next time..ish.

Over and out x

Actually, whilst I’m here, I also just remembered crudely Photoshopping myself on to the side of a bus the other week, so that’s something that happened.

Worth a mention really.