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Three months ago I walked into a beautiful old building opposite Holborn station to find a derelict space.

Mad to take it? Most people said yes; but this was a derelict space with 12 foot high ceilings and an abundance of natural light. I wanted it, I could see the potential in it, and I took it.

It has been one of those Grand Designs style journeys since then consisting of highs, lows, serious stress and of course moments of self doubt. Really, it has been all consuming and has involved countless 5am wake ups to re design where the walls should go and hour upon hour of mulling over the exact configuration of the chairs, desks, lights, air conditioning, glazing, doors, shelves… The list on a project like this simply is endless.

Well, now we’re in and I can officially confirm that it was absolutely worth it. I’m exhausted and feel ready for a holiday (I have been to bed at 8.30pm every night this week since we moved in) but we have a wonderful space; an office that reflects the personality of the company; and an office in which we can live happily for years to come.

Enjoy the photos. They show the before and after much better than anything I can write, and I look forward to seeing you here…