Though I’ve seen a lot, the purpose of my visit has brought limitations to the potential fun that could’ve been had out here. I’m talking about the fact I’m here on work, of course. I was lucky enough to be asked to single handedly Produce, Direct, Camera Operate and Edit behind the scenes video content at the Indian Premier League Cricket tournament. Like a travelling, filming ‘Argo’ style nomad hippy. Now, if you think cricket is boring, think again. In India, cricket is like Tinder without the dirty one night stands. They love it, and it has made the whole working environment as well as the sport of cricket – which admittedly, I proudly disliked before I got the job – a truly phenomenal experience.

So, after two whole months of not reading a single bit of British news, living off restaurant food morning, noon and night, hopping from hotel bedroom to hotel bedroom weekly, drinking nothing but bottled water and not going remotely close to wearing a pair of socks, I have one week left of this glorifying madness.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and, even though the photos don’t do the mental imagery any justice, here’s a few more to feast your beady little eyes on…
P.s. I didn’t get Dehli Belly once! Hah. Want tips on how I managed to avoid it? Tweet me @ianpatrickroe