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Over the past couple of months I’ve been back on set for Disney Goalmouth and, despite the misleading title of this blog, Mickey Mouse couldn’t make it to the shoot this time, much to my dismay. (There’s a pun waiting to reveal itself from that sentence, I’m sure of it!)

Nevertheless, we soldiered on and have managed to get some really good looking shots, despite my mug being plastered all over them. The kids were fantastic and showed some really impressive skills, but more importantly I think they really enjoyed themselves!

Being the intrepid adventurers that we are, we battled the floods and treacherous conditions to make our way down to Chichester, which is where we filmed the Footy Lab strand of the show. I’ve seen some of the raw footage and I have to say it’s looking mighty fine!

If you’ve forgotten what it all looks like, you can expect it to look a bit like this… But better!