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It has been a leisurely 6 years since I bothered to write a blog about anything, an aversion I attribute mostly to laziness and any other excuse that’s suited at the time, the economy, tennis elbow, unrest in the Middle East, global warming, relationships, computer game violence, manflu.

By all accounts, I’ve had a smashing run, but all good things etc. so here goes my first ever Red24 outing. The training wheels are back on and I’m excited. Pull your socks up, bite down on the pillow, this will all be over before you know it.

Where to start then, some information to help us get to know each other perhaps:

Name – Jenny

Occupation – Nail technician

Hobbies and Interests – Equestrian / World peace

How did it come to this – I didn’t know what to write so I started to lie.

Let’s start again.

It seems like the ‘done thing’ would be to give you guys an idea of how I got to this point in my career, albeit as fledgling a point that it is, so I’m going to do that.

I’d imagine the majority of people reading this are mostly likely young presenting hopefuls themselves, added to a number of existing acquaintances, and perhaps one or two of the sexy Red24 team, (in which case you probably hear me talk about myself enough as it is, so I’d politely ask you to stop reading).

Either way, I can’t promise this or any other blog I write will be particularly illuminating, useful to your careers or entertaining in any way, but if it helps to stave off the creeping loneliness of reality, or distract you from inviting someone to play a game of candy crush, then I’m glad to momentarily be part of your lives.

How’d I get here then?

Well I guess I’ve been knocking around a little longer than my eternally youthful / fresh / smooth / childlike / cherub face would suggest. I came out of uni back in early 2010, a time before all those memes about Peter Griffin Volcano Insurance flooded the internet, Gordon Brown was still Prime Minister (ish) and we were all pretty confident at that point that the Olympics were going to be a complete, unmitigated, balls-to-the-wall disaster.

In the time proceeding, I was lucky enough to do the following things in my 4 year journey to the top, (well not the top, but that bit just above the bottom, well still mostly the bottom, but like a nicer bottom, Kate Beckinsale’s bottom, that’s not to suggest I’ve arrived in Kate Beckinsale’s bottom, admittedly this has taken a turn, I wash my hands of the whole thing).

 Ok, landmark moments –

Working with this guy:

Delivering this woman sandwiches:

Drinking with this chap:

Being turned down by the author of this (for employment, not coitus):

Poking Davros:

Meeting Knight Rider:

Wearing a moustache:

Being pictured like one of your French girls:

There are stories behind all of these events, but I’m a rambler and that would take a horribly long time right now.

To skip over the more sensual details of my life – after knocking around in the paddling pool of local TV, the vastness of the web and some of the nicheist Sky channels you could ever hope to flick through, I finally decided at the end of last year that it was high-time to look for an agent.

There’s a story behind that too, involving CBBC’s Newsround and a series of Cliff Richard calendars, but I’m stockpiling those badboys for a rainy day (stories not calendars).

To get to the point, it’s a pleasure to be here and I hope to prove myself useful.

You’ll find my blogs will mostly evolve around mid-90s children’s cartoon theme tunes, the few embarrassing things I do wrong with my life that Paul and Elena don’t think will irreparably damage my career to publicly admit, music I’m obsessing over, films I’m watching, things I’ve gone and done ‘n’ that, (my very real love of bracket use), and occasionally politics or Preston North End on a bad day. To use a cliché footballing pun, it could all kick off, I mean it probably won’t but it might.

You can unclench now, it’s over. Please take a lollypop from the receptionist on the way out and I’ll see you when the swelling goes down.

All the very best for now,

Your friend and mine,

Jenny Jonny x