As of late, I’ve been finding my ‘zen’ through the notion of baking. Now, I’m no amateur to the baking world, back in the old days of University I was experimenting with all sorts of flour based creations; bread, homemade pizza dough, chewy chocolate chip cookies (ooooo yes, let that mouth of yours water until it overfills with drool) to name a few. The baking dream began with those boxed up pre-mix packet type things – they’re a good start – and after the initial bite of a few ready prepared baking kits, I was ready to hit… wait for it… The Recipe Book. Yeah, I said it, The Recipe Book.

The Recipe Book is actually a non-existent fantasy object by the way. I simply mean, go on Google, search the preferred recipe, follow it, bake it, eat it. Simplez.

Anyway, cutting a looooooong story short, over the years I began to lose my baking streak, probably because of London being London, and time being time, and Tesco cake aisle convenience being Tesco cake aisle convenience. But that has all changed. I’m back on the baking boat. In fact, just last Sunday, I made my flatmates a delicious Victoria Sponge with fresh strawberry filling and whipped double cream. The review was ‘Mmmmm the sponge is dead yummy’ and it was vanquished by the evening (after being prepared around lunch). Pretty good going huh?

So what’s my favourite thing I’ve ever baked, I hear you ask? Well, thanks for the question, here’s the answer. Raspberry Pavlova. Hands down, this is the best thing to bake. Not only because it makes for a visually wonderful finished product but because it’s actually a challenge to make and tastes so sweet and sickly, it’s enough to satisfy all sweet cravings for the week. So, without further adieu, here’s a few piccies of the Raspberry Pavlova making in action. Oh, and if you ever want me to make you one, I’ll happily pop round and whisk up some meringues over a glass of vino… Just tweet me @ianpatrickroe.