An interesting thought. A thought which often wafts by people’s imaginations, unnoticed. But, take five seconds to think about it right now. What’s Fred’s (your mate who works for a graphics company the other side of London) desk like? And how about Shawna, who sits opposite you, don’t you ever wonder what type of view she has from her seating position?

You’re curious now aren’t you? It’s a funny thing because looking at the big picture, desks are often associated with boring connotations. Work. Mondays. Stress. Staplers. Desk Tidies. Stationery in general (stationery is boring, you know it is). Random desk ornaments which have bizarre sentimental value, for no apparent reason, because sentimental value isn’t really needed at work. The list is endless. Oh, elastic band balls… There’s another one for the list of boring ‘work’ related connotations.

But it’s still slightly interesting isn’t it? The curiosity of it all. The personalised aspects of someone else’s desk space. Fascinating. So, my activity for you today, a dare if you wish, is to experience other people’s desk spaces. Go fourth and invade their personal 9-5 expanse, then return to your own space and examine it, absorb it, embrace it.

Then smile, because you spend over 50% of your life there. Typing. Phoning people. Eating bananas when you’re bored. Wasting away.

Here’s the view from my desk. Chin up, the weekend is coming.