Ian photos

Hi all,

Lovely to hear from you. Are we all having a wonderful 2014? I know I am.

I’ve been very busy, hosting on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side digital catch up slot during January and right now I’m Assistant Producer on a new Pilot for up and coming channel London Live. It’s all going on, but what re-heh-heaaarrrrrlly’s going on, is what went down LAST THURSDAY!

No it wasn’t some scandalous, day before Valentine’s day, evening of love, it was in fact my first promo photo shoot in a LONG while… And it was awesome. I thought it was about time; since I’ve gone from hipster to uber hipster over the years, the beard has grown, the hair has flourished and the specs have… Well, stayed the same. But some new photos are well overdue and they’re going to look absolutely spiffing on my profile page once they’re all processed (processed!? What on earth am I talking about – this is the digital age and I seem to be living in the Victorian times).

So, just a little while to wait for the photos to come my way, but in the mean time here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come…

Some shots with the iPad. My must-have necessity on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side:

A little bit of Jesus came out in me at one point. It felt heavenly. I also took a mental trip to Nazareth… It was warm: