Mar 16: Layla and Frankie meet Man United

Paul Weedon

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I love football. And I mean really love it. I’m the kind of guy who will travel 200 miles across the country to stand in the rain to watch my team Tranmere lose 3-0 in front of 3000 fans in a ground last modified in 1929.

So what is happening at the moment in the Premier League is really tickling me.

In 1990 Liverpool last won the league. If you’re under 30 you won’t remember it. But I do. And it was after 15 years of total dominance both domestically and in Europe with greats like Daglish, Rush, Keegan, Hansen and co. We all know that over the past 20 years that position of superiority has belonged to Sir Alex Ferguson’s all conquering Manchester United.

But something has happened over the past 6 months. That air of invincibility hasn’t just decreased, it has all but disappeared. Manchester United look beatable. Every week. At every ground. Is it now their turn to wait 20 plus years to regain that position right at the pinnacle of English football? Everything in life is cyclical. No success can be maintained forever.

Maybe they will turn it round. David Moyes seems like a good man and a focused manager. But there is a serious problem. You can see it in the players and more importantly the fans. Fergie Time is most definitely no more.

And this leads me on to a story I am telling every football fan I know at the moment. I work with a guy called Jack, a 24 year old Manchester United fan (born 200 miles plus from Manchester I might add) who has only known a Ferguson lead team brimming with constant success. When I broached the subject of Manchester United’s season thus far he did something quite beautiful. He gazed into his pint, sighed, and shook his head.

Now THAT is what it is like to be a true football fan. Welcome to the club.