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Just before Christmas I got involved with an exciting new project, with the aim of teaching school children about musical instruments through a series of fun-filled videos – presented by yours truly!

In the first of these videos I met someone who’s been playing the melodeon for around 20 years – nearly as long as I’ve been alive… Nearly(!) Don’t worry, I’d never heard of a melodeon either. But I learned that melodeons are a type of accordion, but they play in a particular key, and produce different notes depending on whether you push or pull on the bellows. They also have buttons as opposed to keys, and are typically used for folk music or as an accompaniment to a Céilidh or Morris dance! To find out what this all means you’ll have to watch videos – which I’ll post here, of course.

I also met a retired physics teacher who happens to play the trombone in a jazz band – proof that physics enthusiasts CAN be cool! He showed me all the different parts of the instrument, and importantly, that the liquid coming out of the Trombone’s spout is just condensation, and NOT saliva. Promise.

Watch this space for the videos!