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A few months ago I asked if Aston Villa was in London and that was a moment that changed my life forever; action had to be taken and Paul & Jack were the men for the job. Paul generously offered to take me to my first football game, but first we had to work out…
Which team am I going to support?!

Now, there are several ways to approach the decision of picking my new football team.
I could go with Paul’s beloved team ‘Tranmere’ and continue to have a harmonious office environment, but who wants to be linked with losers? I’m a winner, I want a winners team!
I could pick West Ham as they are the team of my forefathers, and at least I could experience the joy of wining something every now and again, but why not branch out? So, I was a pragmatist and thought about my choice logically…

I love the colour pink…. Everton once had a pink away kit…



I love princess castles.
Their logo kind of looks like one?



Boom! Choice made.

Off we trot to Crystal Palace to watch them play my beloved Everton. We start out in the Crystal Palace fan’s pub for a ‘pint’ because Paul and Jack like to toy with my emotions. However, I got my own back when Paul went to order me a G&T at the bar surrounded by 100 pint-drinking, pie-guzzling ‘Lads’.
“Joke’s on you PAULA” , I thought and most definitely didn’t say.

Next step: walking to the stadium.
At this stage I’m already loving the experience as, not only do I love singing, but there are horses everywhere! What more could a girl wish for!? We take our seats… the atmosphere is electric. I’m excited… WATCHING FOOTBALL IS SO FUN.
Men are taking their tops off and beating their chests; girls you really need to get on board! And then half way through there are cheerleaders!

Horses? Half-naked men? Cheerleaders? This is just like a Britney Spears concert!

The game ended at 0-0, which was disappointing, but I spent the whole time with a huge grin on my face and would definitely go again.  Best bit is we made some football friends who were even happier than I was to be watching their first game!

All in all a fantastic day out – Thanks Paul, Jack and Rich!! xx