So the last couple of weeks I have been back in the West Country, which is always an interesting experience. On the coach from London to Gloucestershire, you can see the buildings becoming less and less, and instead replaced with fields and sheep. I spent the first weekend with my mate and his newborn baby and put my complete lack of parenting skills to use. Although I’m a bit better than I used to be, I still have no idea what to do when a baby cries, apart from the obvious e.g. telling him to stop, pulling funny faces etc.

The following weekend I was in Cheltenham for my Mum’s birthday. Although I grew up in a small village in Gloucestershire, Swindon was our nearest ‘big’ town at a convenient 45 minute drive. Swindon is basically Cheltenham’s trashier cousin, and as Cheltenham is where my Mum has now moved to, that is where I spend my time when I go home. It is nice getting out of London once in a while to some peace and quiet, although after spending one day in town I then ran out of things to do. Just to give you an idea of where I spent my childhood (as I’m sure it’s been something you have wanted to know for a long time), here is a picture of the village to give you an idea of the contrast with London.