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As the cold air began to descend over London, my girlfriend and I decided to jet off to Tunisia in search of some sunshine.

This was my first ever all-inclusive holiday, so I was slightly apprehensive. After a delayed flight and poor weather conditions which meant we had to land at a different airport, we were off to bad start. Add to that the fact that it was raining solidly, this holiday had some serious impressing to do.

When we finally reached the hotel (around five hours later than planned), we decided to sample some of the cocktails, which were included in the deal. Safe to say, they were the worst-tasting drinks I’d had in a long time – they tasted like the sort of thing you’d be forced to drink as a forfeit at a uni sports club initiation… I guess the hotel knew that everyone would be trying to make the most of the all-inclusive deal, and this was their strategy of dealing with it. So we decided to try and steer clear of the cocktails.

Now we come to the food – which was served from a buffet, and provided many tasty-looking options in different combinations… as long as you’re a meat-eater! So while Lauren was eating the same sautéed vegetables most days, I was feasting like a king! Sorry love!

Things started to get better though, as the hotel had its own private beach and huge pool areas. These meant that the missus could top up her tan while I sat in the shade daydreaming about computer games. By the end of it all, we realised that it was actually a fairly nice holiday! While we weren’t exactly blown away, the resort itself was pretty and well-kept, with very diligent staff, and it provided lots of options for activities and relaxation.

Conclusion: As is often the case, you get what you pay for!

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