World Cup

Paul Weedon

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I love football. And I am an eternal football optimist.

I have to be. My 2 teams are Tranmere Rovers and England, which means that I have never, ever, seen one of my teams win anything. Not a bean. Zilch.

So when I booked my flights to the World Cup in Brazil yesterday afternoon, 3 hours before England played Poland for qualification, there was little doubt that my often misplaced enthusiasm and confidence had kicked in again.

Why did I worry? A 2-0 win means that we’ll be there when it all kicks off in Rio on June 12th 2014 and once again, after a lifetime of devouring football on a daily basis, I get the chance to hope for a victory.

England for the World Cup? We’ll be nowhere near the favourites, but one day one of my 2 teams will win something. I have to believe that. And as Tranmere are currently 3rd bottom of League 1 my hopes lie with Hodgson and the boys.