Ian Summer Holiday blog

Well actually, I wish!

Sadly, I’ve just come back from one and that means two things:

1. It’s going to be ages until the next one and…

2. I have far too many Euro coins for my own good, which I can’t exchange back into pounds, and will eventually be chucked in the bin (and I hate throwing money away)

So I thought I’d tell you about me wonderful trip away. First of all, I haven’t had the chance to get out of this country for over 3 years now so, as you can imagine, I was pining for a bit of real-deal sunshine. So I took the plunge and splashed out by heading to Fuerteventura. And can I just say, what a PLACE IT is! Now I know a lot of people might think “Urgh, Canary Island, tacky much?”, but I am here to defend those popular beliefs. For Fuerteventura is a place of calmness and near exotic surroundings; stretches of white sand beaches, glistening turquoise waters (25°C – warm) and some fantastic desert landscapes, which really make you feel like you’ve entered another country.





And that’s all I wanted really. Somewhere different. Somewhere un-Englandy. And I got it! It was a cheap holiday in total, much cheaper than the likes of Barbados and Bali – I’m not comparing them, these other two holiday destinations mentioned are leaps ahead of Fuerteventura – but I would recommend heading to this little island any time of the year because it’s just plain and simply amazing.




There’s plenty to do. I hired out this bad-boy scooter for a mere $15 per day. I looks like a Harley Davidson but rides like a golf buggy – not a problem, I only needed it for cruising around, looking like a cool dude (but it did cause some angry Spanish looks from over-taking cars). Whilst I was out there, I also fulfilled my surfing hobby, ripping into some Canarian waves. Unfortunately there was an absolute dick-head in the water who got angry with any surfer who got in his way. Not the appropriate behaviour for a surfer I must say; we are normally chilled out hippy types who see the ocean as a blanket of peace. So he can just go fall off his board and slice his leg open on a reef for all I care. Hmm, too far? Oh, I also learnt a new watersport whilst I was there (no I’m not talking about Golden Showers you filthy minded individual)… Paddle Boarding, or ‘SUP’ by it’s official name. This took some getting used to but my gosh, I didn’t half suit the paddle board look, what do you think?




Just check out that six pack!!! And whilst we are on the subject on six packs and bodily vanity, as I’m sure you all read my previous blog (about getting buff) well, it looks like the weight lifting and diet are paying off, look at this next picture…



This is not photo trickery, this is what you call a skinny lad transformation. Sorry. that’s enough torso shots of Sir Ian Patrick Roe. I really just can’t get over myself – this is what happens when you go from being a skinny-mini to a man-sized beef-cake. No joke. On a serious note though, any one thinking of heading out to the quite roads of Fuerteventura, don’t think twice, it’s absolutely amazing. I’ll leave you with my ‘picture of the holiday’ right now. Start planning next years holiday, and make it ACE FUERTEVENTURA!!!