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Yes folks, that’s correct, I have succumbed to the pressure and have now an actual Twitter account. I have actually had it for a year but literally never used it; the only people I followed were and Zooey Deschanel. However, I have now come to understand the benefits of Twitter; it’s not always people taking pictures of a chocolate bar (I purposely don’t follow or associate with these people!), but there are genuinely so interesting things that people tweet about. Comedy geniuses such as Seth McFarlane will regularly post or re-tweet funny and intelligent things which is worth reading. Even my brother has a Twitter account, who is usually against anything like Facebook or people putting their phone on the table whilst eating. This sounds like I’m explaining something that nobody has; I know most people already use it. I am surprised how much I do look through it; I can now add it to the list of things I do on my phone when bored, up there with scrolling through ImDb and Facebook.