Well hello there blog viewers,


This Sunday just gone marked a very memorable moment of life indeed, as it was my final stint on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side: Rylan’s Supersized Celebrity Sunday (phew, mouthful much?) as a Digital host. It was fun times. To celebrate the occasion, an array of giant party poppers were present and even a performance by Jason Derulo – I’d like to claim these celebrations were just for me but sadly, they were a result of standard BBBOTS campness.
All the same, I offered the viewing public my usual digital waffling, with my little BB iPad (it only took us 3 months to get an iPad… What kind of digital team are we?) and you can view it all right here:

Last show.. For now

Oh also, slipping in a geeky brag or two, I’ve gained a whole 67 followers since appearing on a 50,000+ views-per-night show. A whole 67… yeah, be impressed. Be real impressed. So that was my last #BBBOTS show… For now.