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Recently I went on another excursion with the lovely guys at NCS (see my previous blog for an explanation). This time I was accompanied by Marcus Butler and Caspar Lee, who at the time of writing have a staggering 1.3 MILLION Youtube subscribers EACH! The purpose of the day was to drop in on some NCSers who were completing different parts of their programme.


We spent the first part of the day in Spalding, Lincolnshire where a group of youngsters were in the final stages of transforming an allotment for their social action project. It was great to see the fantastic work that they’d done not only in improving the appearance and functionality of the area, but also in setting up regular meetings with the allotment owners to help with the organisation of the grounds. After a few interviews with the youngsters and mentors, it was time for the “Allotment-Off!” – Marcus and Caspar were challenged to make their own faces using soil, plants, and other allotment-themed materials. The loser had to complete a forfeit which was decided by the NCS twitter community.


Next up we travelled to Upminster, Essex to learn some first-aid skills! This culminated in another challenge between Marcus and Caspar, this time themed around first-aid. Again lots of fun was had by all, and it was great to meet the lads who were bags of fun to work with!


Check out one of the videos here: