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Recently I returned from 10 days on the road with NCS, a youth programme for 16-17 year-olds. It teaches them new skills, inviting them to try a host of different activities, and challenging them to plan and execute a social action project to make a difference in their community. All of this whilst making a load of new friends!

The purpose of the Spotlight Tour was to meet talented youngsters from around the country, as well as hearing about the fantastic experiences that young people have had on the NCS programme. Over 10 days, we stopped at Devon, Nottingham, Blackpool and Newcastle, as well as a few other places in between.

Part of the pull factor for the show is the involvement of the NCS ambassadors, all popular YouTubers – some of whom have 1.5 million subscribers! It was great to meet and work with these guys, and they have encouraged and inspired me to make my own YouTube channel – coming soon…

All in all I had an amazing time, and met some incredible people. The first episode of NCS Spotlight goes live on 7th August – so watch this space!