Jun 26:15 Ian - How to Get Away with Murder (3)

I’m on a new mission. To get BUFF!

Not buff as in clean / shiny. I’m already very clean and as far as the shiny side of things, well, I try to avoid shinyness.

Buff as in BUFF! Muscular. Lean. Manly. Wolverine esq. Why you ask? Well, see I get bored of one mission and move on to the next. My last mission involved picking my trumpet back up again (after 10 whole years of not playing it) and that failed miserably because my housemates quickly cottoned on to the fact it’s noisey and an’noise’ they hell out of them. See what I did there?

So it’s my new mission. I’ve already made a start, I’m weight training four days a week but in between lifting steel (yes steel, I don’t mess about) I’m doing something called the Insanity Workout and yes, it’s insane. Look it up… It’s like torture but good torture… The euphoric kind. Yeah. Euphoric torture? Hmm.

So… Expect RESULTS. Big things. A change in my physique but also visible fitness … So when I jog to the shop (roughly 1 minute walk, 30 second jog) I will no longer get tired. When I lift my Sainsburys shopping I will no longer struggle. And when I bend into a squat position – to pick up a pen? – I will no longer break my back. This is it people, the 8 pack is on the way. 6 packs? Nahhh. 8 packs. Peter Andre, I’ll give you a run for your ‘Mysterious Girl’ money fella.


Watch. This. SPACE!