Woohoooo! It’s sunny… NOT!

Anyway, good morning / evening / afternoon whoever may be viewing this. I hope you’re well, I’ve very well myself.
Well, another week of Big Brother madness and a lot to show for it. As an avid member of this years Big Brother digital team, I’ve met a few note worthy celebs, Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson, Presenter Joel Dommet and of course the lovely Emma Willis, Rylan Clark and AJ Odudu to name a few (The last three don’t technically count because they work on the show), but none the less there’ll be plenty more celebs and interesting shenanigans to come.
Now, last night I appeared on Big Brothers Bit On The Side for my regular – now becoming more regular than originally anticipated – slot at the end of the show where Rylan And AJ talk ‘digital’. I have to say, it was the best show yet, and I thought my guns looked particularly large this time so thought I’d share a little video clip with you. Oh, and I’m now becoming known as the Jesus of the digital production team according to twitter fanatics. I’m down with that, now where’s my cross?