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It’s that time of year when suddenly tennis fever hits everybody…and then after two weeks, the sport is all but forgotten in favour of football.

As you can probably tell, I’m much more of a tennis fan than a football fan so naturally I went to the UK’s biggest tennis event, Wimbledon. Having left the house at 6am, I managed to arrive to queue for tickets by 7.30am, being ticket number 5987 out of the 7000 they had.

Only a mere 4 hours later (it honestly doesn’t feel that long when you’re there) I arrived. It was my second time at the Championships, having been on Centre Court in 2004 to see Sharapova on her route to victory and Ivanesevic’s last ever Grand Slam match. It is as beautiful there as it appears on TV. The first thing I saw was Tim Henman and John McEnroe being interviewed, but I moved to see Samantha Stosur breeze her way into the 3rd round, followed by someone I’ve always enjoyed watching, James Blake, who sadly went out.

After watching a few doubles matches where a ball was literally smashed into my face, only managing to block it with my hand, on came the rain……..for the rest of the day! Whilst I made it onto Court No. 3, which was showing the Djokovic match under the roof of Centre Court, we were told sadly there was going to be no more play for the rest of the day. Some people were a bit annoyed, but while I would have loved to seen a few more hours, it was definitely worth it.