31st Jul 2013 NCS Spotlight blog 1

Road Trips with NCS Spotlight

Recently I returned from 10 days on the road with NCS, a youth programme for 16-17 year-olds. It teaches...

29th Jul 2013 Jun 26:15 Ian - How to Get Away with Murder (3)

Buffing Up

I’m on a new mission. To get BUFF! Not buff as in clean / shiny. I’m already very clean...

19th Jul 2013 Mountain Miles blog

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

So last week I went on holiday to the south of France. My journey there was had a suprising...

15th Jul 2013 Green tea blog

Green Tea

This is what my green tea looked like that I purchased today. Looks pretty interesting!

11th Jul 2013 Debbie Harry blog

“Some Old Shit and Some New Shit”

Debbie Harry turned 68 last week, and I got to see her on Saturday night in front of a...

2nd Jul 2013 BBBots

Hair Stroking from Rylan Clark

Woohoooo! It’s sunny… NOT! Anyway, good morning / evening / afternoon whoever may be viewing this. I hope you’re...

1st Jul 2013 Wimbledon

Game. Set. Rain

It’s that time of year when suddenly tennis fever hits everybody…and then after two weeks, the sport is all...