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As of this morning, it has been 1 month, 2 weeks and 6 days since my beautiful Samsung Galaxy S3 suffered a sudden and unexpected death. One moment she was fine, the next she inexplicably perished in my arms. Four failed repair-shops later and after what has seemed like a lifetime, I am on the verge of having my *touch wood* fully-functional handset returned.

The time we have spent apart has allowed me to contemplate my life and how deeply it relies on the latest technology. As soon as I ascertained that my S3 had suffered more than a simple battery failure, I had to call upon the assistance of my dad, who luckily used to work for a mobile company and so had a spare smartphone for me to borrow. Whilst my temporary phone is ‘smart’ by the loosest of definitions, the past month-and-a-half has really drummed home the huge gulf between entry level smartphones and high-spec, top-of-the-range handsets. Let’s put it this way: if the entry level smartphone does alright at the odd game of Trivial Pursuit, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a leading aerospace scientist for NASA.

The first difference I noticed was the speed. Even though I can access my emails, check twitter and browse the internet, I’d rather not be able to watch a whole season of Glee in the time it takes to refresh my inbox! (Only kidding, I don’t watch Glee – promise.) But you get my drift – painfully long loading times equals massively reduced productivity on the move. It doesn’t help when the touchscreen has poor sensitivity and the predictive text is, well, not very predictive. This is very important when you’re out and about often!

Well I could go on forever – storage, usability, camera, screen resolution – there is just so much to be missed when your smartphone gets downgraded.

Of course, this is something that some people might never understand. After all, ignorance is bliss – but this experience has been a stark reminder of the famous cliché, ‘You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone’.

Oh technology, I am nothing without you! <3