24th Jun 2013 BBBots

More Bit on the Side

Okay, I’ve done all the bragging I could possibly do in the last blog post, but since I’ve not...

24th Jun 2013 Kayak blog

Kayaking Down the Thames (As You Do)

I know, it’s Friday night so instead of going to the pub or for dinner let’s get on a...

20th Jun 2013 Bit on the Side Again blog

My Bit on the Side

Some exciting news people! As I’m sure some of you may know (though, some of you may not) I...

12th Jun 2013 Legends


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen some amazing performers close up and personal. At the Chime For...

10th Jun 2013 Tropical George blog

Something Tropical

Now this is my type of breakfast. Healthy and looks great!

5th Jun 2013 Technofail blog

Technofail: My Life Without S3

As of this morning, it has been 1 month, 2 weeks and 6 days since my beautiful Samsung Galaxy...

3rd Jun 2013 Fish Curry blog

Good Food

Check out my simple home made fish curry with naan bread. Nice and healthy!