Tonight I thought I’d wet your appetite with a digestive insight into what I had for tea, tonight.

(NOTE: ‘Tea’ means ‘Dinner’ in North West speak)

I ate Foul Medammes at around 21:53. Late I know, but I had a long day shooting and thought, why the heck not, let’s crack open the tin of Foul Medammes. What is Foul Medammes I hear you ask? Well, don’t let the name put you off. Foul Medammes is some type of egyptian bean concoction (I think). I’m not entirely sure what beans they are, I just know they are called Foul Medammes and they are tasty.

I’ve had Foul Medammes before. Wrapped up a tortilla wrap with yoghurt and mint sauce, cucumber, cheese (and of course, the Foul Medammes packed in there, like a Foul Medammes esq burrito I’ll have you know) but this time I chose to place the Foul Medammes on top of two half slices of Ciabatta bread. The result? TASTY! I wish I knew more about Foul Medammes to give you a Foul Mudammes masterclass, y’know, a bit of Foul Medammes history or something, so instead here’s a picture of the used tin of Foul Medammes – which I scavenged through my bin especially to retrieve the tin (of Foul Medammes, that is) JUST for this blog.

P.s. Foul Medammes. Sorry just had to say it one more time… Oh go on, one more, ready… FOUL MEDAMMES.