Jun 26:15 Ian - How to Get Away with Murder (3)

Hello hello!

The weathers getting nicer (is it? Hmm) and Summer is on its way. And whilst I’m feeling all, joyous, I thought I might as well update you all on my busy life… My busy second life in fact.

I’m sure anyone reading this is fully aware of my superstar A-lister lifestyle as an extraordinary TV Presenter / Actor but believe it or not, I work behind the camera too.

I’m a digital video Producer / Editor / Camera man – yes, I have three titles to my behind-the-camera name, and YES, that kind of makes me amazing. Ish. So what have I been up to? Why are my blog entries so sparse? And when will I have the time to become a full time blogger for all you massive fans (of my blog that is)?

Well, recently, I found myself being part of the launch of a new social media campaign for Storm Model Management. It was fun, I met Cara Delevigne, found my self buzzing around London fashion week and I even had one of the agents tell me they are dying to sign me up as their next massive model … … That was a joke. Over the past few months, I’ve produced a range of the behind the scenes digital content for OK Magazine, Yahoo, All Star Mr & Mrs, Made In Chelsea, as well as documenting International Womens Day (bumping into David Ghandi of all people). Editing for Channel 5 was my latest venture and the best is yet to come… Working on Big Brother over the summer as their Online Assistant Producer / VT Editor.

Yeah I’m bragging just a wee bit, but you all aught to know why I’m so busy all the time. So, what does this mean for the blogging future of Mr Ian Roe? Well, not a huge amount, its looking like the same old same old for the remainder of 2013, but perhaps I will keep you plentiful updated during my adventure on Big Brother? Maybe… (Ooo I’m such a tease).

In the mean time, keep staying tuned into The Ian Roe Show (www.youtube.com/theianroeshow) as a very special blog post will be up this week – and it involves a 13 year old version of me, disco dancing on National Welsh Television.