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14 year-olds pushing prams, stepping in sick under the bus pass – yup, last weekend I was back in Swindon. For the first time in over a year I went back home (home is actually Gloucestershire though Swindon is our nearest town) and saw…literally no change at all! It was pretty much exactly the same. However the infamous Walkabout ( a much talked about place in the Red 24 Office via myself) has now changed,; but the only thing that had changed was the name; the layout, the music, the price (which was the best part!) – all the same. Well one thing changed, I felt significantly older. This was the town I have been going out in since I was 15, and I think todays 15 year old had the same idea; everybody couldn’t have looked younger. However for nostalgia and remembering the care free days of being 19 was something to savour; re-enforced by bumping into someone we used to hang around with all the time when we were younger.

For all Swindon’s faults including the lack of things to do, lack of public transport (we had 4 buses a day to town, every 3 hours), and the realisation that my care-free days have now passed, it still felt like home and oddly I wouldn’t change anything about it……(on second thoughts, I would change a HUGE amount!)