Breath Spray blog

Hello there,

It’s been a while. Ohhh, you don’t really need to know what I’ve been up to… do you? Oh alright, well I’ll give you a little sum up of what’s been happening with myself as of late.

I’ve had a busy start to 2013. Perhaps some of you don’t know, but aside from being a multitalented TV Presenting actor type person, I’m a Digital Content Producer, which basically means I film and edit video for cool and groovy things. Like, live bands. And, naked men. And, other, groovy… things. Er… might I just point out the naked man aspect isn’t ‘adult’ type material, I’ll have you know I was recently filming Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing taking his clothes off for a live web show. Now that’s all cleared up…

Other bits and pieces on my plate include hanging out on the set of Gaydar for their new brand relaunch (is it me or this bog post is very gay so far?) interviewing some gay models, AND starring as the lead ‘hero’ in a new web commerical due to be released for Fender Guitar, so watch this space.

Now, down to the real reason why I’m writing this blog. BREATH SPRAY. The other day, I picked up (for only 60p… 60P!!! That’s cheaper than a choccy bar mind) some amazing breath spray from Primarni. It’s my new best friend in fact. So far I’ve been taking it everywhere and spraying my mouth around 8 – 9 times daily. Fully aware that obsessive consumption may cause laxative effects (though it does not state this on the spray applicator) I am living the male dream right now, spraying away like a business man.

It’s making me feel very cool (it’s mint, so no pun intended) and I’m sure it’s drawing more female attention towards me. I will continue to experiment with it’s sprayee-ness but in the mean time, here’s a picture of the damn thing… GO BUY IT! It’s leopard print which means it’s a fashionable breath spray.