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If you ever want to go and see something random I’m your man.

Experimental dance. Submersive theatre. Obscure improvised comedy. I’ll try anything.

Why not? I live in one of the most creaturely diverse cities in the world.

I’ve also stopped researching what I’ve been invited to see.

Sometimes that leads me into a dark basement to watch some Edinburgh Fringe preview monstrosity.

And sometimes it leads me to works of genius.

Playing Cards by Robert LePage is playing at The Roundhouse in Camden.

This is definitely a love or hate. I sat next to people on the tube on the way home who thought it was self indulgent pretentious rubbish.

But I thought it was beautiful, poignent and I was totally engrossed for the full uninterrupted 3 hours.

I kept catching myself sitting there open mouthed at the most skilful directing I’ve ever witnessed.

Really, it was so good it’s swimming around my mind constantly 4 days later.

So if you fancy something random…..