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I love Rocky Horror.

Like I get dressed in suspenders and shout and heckle at all of the appropriate parts level of love.

So when one of out clients Rayner Bourton, who played the original Rocky in the 1973 production (pictured below) invited me and my colleague Joanna to the press launch of this years tour I was cock-a-hoop.

Imagine watching your favourite ever show accompanied by a true Rocky Horror legend who has a million stories to tell you about it.

Imagine the creator Richard O’Brien popping over to say hello (I still watch Crystal Maze re-runs on a regular basis now!)

Imagine Tim Minchin coming over to talk to Rayner and then having a seriously random chat with you about how he loves your jacket.

And finally, imagine a 70 year old (!) Richard O’Brien taking the stage to belt out The Time Warp to a seriously buzzing audience.

The sheer randomness of Rocky Horror is what I’ve always loved the most. It has forever got even more weird and wonderful for me.