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Wednesday 16th January. 1pm. I check the weather report online for Coventry. It’s going to be minus 5 tonight, but no snow. That means the trains will be fine, and the game is on.

Some people say football is all about money. It’s not.

Coventry vs Tranmere on a freezing cold Wednesday night, with 400 die hard Tranmere fans huddled in a corner of a ground built for 35 000, is real football to me.

Only 9500 turn up. This is a big club fallen on hard times, against a club that’s never, in their 125 year history, played in the top flight. No media fanfare. One solitary TV camera. Little interest from the outside world.

But to the people that are there, to the hundreds of fans who have taken time off work and travelled across the country to be in the ground, it means everything.

For the record my team lost 1-0 and it was an 8 hour round trip, arriving home in London past 1am.

But despite the disappointment I still enjoyed it. Tranmere is where I’m from, where I was brought up, and will be a part of me forever.

This is what football is all about. It’s not all about the money.